Elevating athletic training and education in all students

At Athlete Builder, we are committed to transforming athletic and personal potential into lifelong excellence. Our innovative approach to athletic development blends state-of-the-art technology with expert insights, creating a unique culture for all coaches, students, and athletes.

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Empowering Coaches to Coach, Equipping Athletes to Train

Our offerings are tailored for the dynamic world of high school and college athletics. From the Athlete Builder Curriculum (ABC) to our Professional Development programs, we provide tools and knowledge to enhance your coaching impact.

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Discover the Athlete Builder edge

Professional Development

No more wasted time with PD not specific to you. Our PD will be geared to your specific needs and growth of your entire staff, program, and student body. More than just skill enhancement, our sessions expand your professional network, deeping your understanding of athletic development and community building.

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Advanced Curriculum

Athlete Builder creates a unified program for all coaches, students, and athletes. Our ABC (Athlete Builder Curriculum) is a game-changer. With 20 athletic programs already on board, we’re setting new standards in training efficiency, culture development, and program consistency.

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Academy Expansion

Starting with a pilot in 2024, the Athlete Builder Academy is poised to become a key player in athlete development, providing a pipeline of talent and community engagement.

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Shape the future of athletic performance with us

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How can we help you build up your athletes?

Leadership and vision

Under the guidance of Ross Schwisow, Athlete Builder is at the forefront of revolutionizing athletic training and education for all students. With a passion for creating lifelong habits, as well as whole-school culture and programming, our commitment to resilience, adaptability, and collaborative growth positions us as a leader in the field.

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